Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Little Shoe's for Ella Bella :-)

Here are a little pair of shoe's I knitted for my grand-daughter, Ella, they were so quick and easy to knit and look so sweet.

The pattern is from Cool Knits for Kids by Kate Gunn & Robyn Macdonald, a really good book to have :-).

I added a couple of little green heart shaped buttons that just finish the shoe's nicely.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ella's Peep Peep Sleep Suit

I have made my Grand-daughter Ella a new sleep suit.

I adapted the pattern from Small Dream Factory. This is a really good pattern in itself but I made some minor alterations to the length and also the position of the zip which I decide to put centre front.
If I were to make the pattern again I would keep the zip to the side as suggested in the original pattern as it would probably work better.

I used FreeSpirit’s “Baby Talk” fabric in cream for the outer fabric, a Lemon Polycotton for the lining and “Warm & Natural for the insulation.

For the shoulder closures I used large press studs with large pink buttons for decoratio.

The outer fabric is lovely and I must admit I was quite chuffed when I had finished :-), Thank You Small Dream Factory

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Blue Peter inspired CD Rack Update

Here's my Blue Peter inspired CD rack in use, CD collection in alphabetical order to appease my OCD, it does remind me of my student days :-)

My lovely Hubby Scott pointed out with much mirth that Organise CD's has the same initials as OCD, eek scary lady lol :-)

It make's me happy alphabetizing my music lol

Oh the little things

Blue Peter Inspired CD Rack ;-)

I've been a busy little bee this weekend, trying to organise my sewing room. Desperately needed a way of storing my CD's so I have access to my music.........

Enter stage right;

  • One large shoe box,
  • Sheets of fancy handmade paper, 
  • Cellotape,
  • Scissor's,
  • and last but not least my memories growing up watching Blue Peter come up with brilliant idea’s for craft makes to re-cycle household rubbish into wonderful useful items, (Fairy Liquid Bottle Space Rockets and the elaborate Tracy Island comes to mind), though I’m sure my Mum & my Gran would have disagreed with the last statement but they were cool to me at the time ;-),
After an hour or so the images you see below are the items I produced from the list of materials above which works wonderfully well on my windowsill, and though not a permanent structure has provided the template for my lovely hubby to produce the shelves in wood, Yeah, good old Blue Peter inspiring the re-cycler in me even now ;-)

Monday, 4 June 2012

Kind of Jubilee Fairy Bun's !

To get me into the Jubilee spirit I have made these quirky little buns, though they are not perfectly pretty, and the Red White & Blue is more Pink White & Sky Blue, they were lushishly delish and I thought I'd share the recipe. But be warned they are super quick to make and lasted less than 24 hour's :-)

Jubilee Almond Fairy Bun's

175g SR Flour
50g Ground Almonds
100g Margarine
Pinch of Salt
100g Sugar
1 Egg
2 tsps. Almond Essence


Icing Sugar
Lemon Juice
Blue Food Colouring
Blackcurrant Cordial


  1. Into a bowl put the flour, ground almonds and salt, rub in the margarine
  2. Stir in the sugar and make a well in the centre of the mix
  3. Add the almond essence into the beaten egg and pour into the well and mix into the dry ingredients
  4. Add small amount of milk as required to get the mixture to a soft dropping consistency
  5. Place mixture into 18 small bun cases
  6. Microwave the buns in batches of 6 at a time for 1.5 to 2 minutes on a power level equal to 650 watts (for my microwave that’s about level 6, but consult your microwaves instruction manual for exact levels)
  7. For the topping mix icing sugar and lemon juice in 3 small bowls or saucers, leave 1 white and add blue food colouring to 1 and blackcurrant cordial to the other 1 and decorate your cooled buns

Voilà & Enjoy!