About Me

I'm originally from Swinton, Lancashire where I grew up through the 60's, 70's and 80's and retrospectively they were far better era's than I previously would admit to :-),
 I was taught to sew by my mum and taught to knit by my gran and generally encouraged to Make Do & Mend, so to speak,:-). I remember it being cool to be seen knitting on the step outside with your friends.
I have a photo of myself, my Mum and my Gran all waring the same dress in the same green nylon paisley a true product of the 60's and 70's

 Happy memories.

 My Grandad was an avid amateur photographer thankfully and I have lot's of photo's of the creative prowess of my Mum & Gran. I remember my mum stayed up one night designing a gathered tiered skirt for me, I was so pleased when I awoke in the morning to see it lying on the end of my bed :-)

My love of jewellery found its early beginnings while I was a small child playing in my Grans jewellery box and button draw, I could spend hours sifting through the beautiful beads and buttons, patiently un-knotting chains and re-styling odd earring etc

My early vintage inspirations were encouraged by dressing up in the clothes I discovered in my Mum's and Grans wardrobes, that's also where I feel my hording influences came from too lol, they didn't like to part with their memories nor there old clothes, some of those dresses were amazing.

I can't remember a time where I haven't enjoyed being creative, I've made clothes for myself, my friends and my family, creative dresses for Andy who was a member of the Villagettes in Manchester's Gay Village, to little numbers for myself from bed sheets because I wanted a new dress that night to go out, it was all good fun. 

I started sewing with my Grans old singer treadle which I still have and would never part with, I also have my Mum old sewing machine too, yep the hoarding bug is genetic :-)

I currently live in Carlisle Cumbria, a beautiful part of the country.
I moved here during July 1993 with my daughter Danielle to study for my BA(Hons) Fine Art at Carlisle Art College, as it was known then but it is better known now as the Art Department of Cumbria University, I felt that Carlisle City, the County of Cumbria & the Lake District was a beautiful place to live and bring up my daughter while studying.
I graduated in 1997.

I have had various employment opportunities while living up here and since graduating, including working within Mental Health using Art as Therapy, and designing re-enactment costumes for museums and theatre. 

I am currently self employed part time as a seamstress and jewellery artist,  I also run induvidual sewing lessons on an evening from my home, busy busy busy so to say :-)

I became a Grandma myself in 2011, Ella my Grand-Daughter is absolutely wonderful and I am so proud of my Daughter Danielle who has achieved so much in her own career and as a mother too, 

On the 4th November 2013 I started at Carlisle College to study Plumbing :-). Since then I completed my NVQ level 2 Apprenticeship at Riverside 2016 , and moved to Center Parcs , Whinfell October 2016 as a maintenance assistant.

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